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Rah Digga
Rah Digga — Do the ladies run this
Rah Digga — Do the ladies run this (текст песни)
1 [Rah Digga] Do the ladies run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah!) SAY Do the ladies run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah!) Put it down for the bitches all across the map All the real live bitches all across the map Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead [Sonya Blade] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo I’m on the roll like butter Flow gutter, fuck what a bitch going through Do or die is what you gon’ do I warn you it’s gonna get you and your guys killed With my skills stay on your toes like high heels And handle bars like bikes ’bout to blow like innertubes See me in the tube in the views to interludes Never see me in the nude, Blade gon’ bend the rules Lock the street coming through with more rocks than Pete I’m into jewels I will not repeat Y’all obsolete, Sonya Blade y’all It’s murder when they drop the beat I spit it once I’m hungry spit at lunch One take, I hate boxes so I don’t punch I got a hunch, y’all figure Y’all gon stop my figgas Get on some rah-rah with Eve and Rah Digga But these my niggas so please my niggas Stop the Blade from where you don’t know nann nigga Repeat 1 [Eve] Yo, yo now why y’all wanna make me get raw This bitch gon split ya, get tha picture Call yourselves emcees, titles don’t even fit ya How they gonna stop us Digga? Try-na shine, the rest of them bitches Is past tense and out of time Cause my time line consists of many dreams shattered Trying to run up with two ryders deep as if it mattered When real bitches get to rockin’, heads knockin’ All dem chickens in their coupe gon do is get to squawkin’ All the hating do is feed my temper, let me live Ice grillin’ eyein’ my clothes, I’m eyein’ the crib E-V-E spell it out when you speak about her The only one out the bunch to hate The rest gon crowd around her Majority rules, it’s our time, back the fuck up Cause the shit you sayin’ out your mouth Make me crack the fuck up Laugh hard cause we pass y’all so dash broad Lay my shit by myself in the booth While y’all need flash cards Repeat 1