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Rah Digga
Rah Digga — So cool
Rah Digga — So cool (текст песни)
(That cool shit)Call me conductor, I lead the way for ya Underground vibe, status self-employed R-A-H aka Harriet Thugman Carry out the legacy with seed and husband Now off with the head thangy Watch flip to a genie And I be a Mac like Beanie Out the bottle, I turn thug super model With rhymes that’ll make ya have to settle for Movado The dirtiest getting all the way live Steady tappin’ my shit, try-na eat while I drive Speeding to a function to play the little actress Three hours late and don’t even know the address Madness with the ill sexy flow And the label spendin’ g’s not tryin’ to let me go Rockin’ on the stage after me, YOU FOOL! Cause I am so cool [Carl Thomas](Rah Digga) Cause she’s so cool, yeah oh Money baby can’t you see (Can’t you see, can’t you see) She’s so cool And you can’t be as fly as she (Never be as fly as me) [Rah Digga] I aim high beat date in December A million motherfuckers whose face I don’t remember Next to fall with the b-girl ball Tight gear little cousins The store from the mall Rockin’ hardcore to some R&B shit Kickin’ rhymes for the round-the-way heads That I’m at peace with Love the ice rock silver as a preference Taking writer’s credit so offer a suggestion So bust dem heads who ain’t real wit it Who don’t want shit in life and can’t deal with it I see you Frontin’ like you on my side Switch sides thanks for the ride bitch See me on the cover, (Say what?) strike a pose Just know after that I’m making off with the clothes Underground rule for real, so what’s the haps? Take it back like kids who fight in playing caps Or Jacks Ў®N’ Ball, freestyle off the wall Tell em don’t forget the stones when they make the Digga dome Do away with styling you ain’t even found yet