Scorpions — Freshly sqeezed
Scorpions — Freshly sqeezed (текст песни)
A G-string is looking for a pilot White flesh is coming down the stairs again Your look just makes me a believer Stray cats are landing in a rain storm Crashed down lost in wango tango land Spaced out your body gives me fever You sex it Relax it Reload it You want it freshly squeezed Closed down the road of all restrictions Mad dogs are tearing down the roof again Sweet noise is pouring from the speakers Last dance I’m drowning in the moonlight Exit is the door that I can’t find Black out it can’t get it any deeper You sex it Relax it Reload it And never hold it You slash it Refresh it Reload it You want it fresh Got no diamonds rings But a song to sing Just to make you fly Beggar or a king