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Udo — Azrael
Udo — Azrael (текст песни)
Long ago - in another life I was innocent - just a child Transformed my brain into an evil thing Now I’m a creature of the night I’m a shadow in the darkness and I’m watching you Though you can’t see me I am always at your side When I’m on your heels - you see how it feels To sense the curse of Azrael In the night - I’ll come to you Your life belongs to me I wake you up - you stare at me I’m the last thing that you’ll ever see The panic in your eyes that I have hungered for Shows me you have realised the truth Death comes to the dying - and before your eyes grow dim The last word on your lips is Azrael I will destroy your dreams I will destroy your mind I will destroy your soul And then I’ll take your life Sometimes I remember the life I had before I asked myself was it just a dream When I close my eyes I see an ocean flowing blood And in my sleep I hear those fearful screams So lock your doors - remove the keys I doesn’t matter if you leave or stay Wherever you go I’ll be expecting you Your resistance is the spice that I crave When you imagine there’s a movement in the shadows