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Uncle Kracker
Uncle Kracker — Intro
Uncle Kracker — Intro (текст песни)
(Kid Rocks ’;Only god knows why’; playing in the background.)(Buses airbrakes and horn)Kracker: ugh..I guess this is where I get off? Kid Rock: yep...Remember everything I told you? Kracker: yep Kid Rock: Got your songbook Kracker: yep Kid Rock: Got them beats I gave ya Kracker: yep Kid Rock: Money Kracker: yep Kid Rock: Cellphone Kracker: hun huh Kid Rock: What’s wrong? Kracker: What if I don’t make it? Kid Rock: That’s impossible Kracker: Well what if? Kid Rock: Fuck what and tell if to suck my dick Kracker: ha ha Kid Rock: I tought you to well for that, besides the money’s already made and the foundation’s already been laid.(Lighter flick)