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Waco Jesus
Waco Jesus — Cadaveric mutilation
Waco Jesus — Cadaveric mutilation (текст песни)
A fascination with mutilating the dead I view internal organs during disembowelment draped in your intestines there’s nothing left no evidence of your life or your existence no skin tissue or fragments you have dropped off the earth post mortal cease to exist fuck your soul awaiting troop of sickness extinction of the weak dropping off the face of the earth I file your teeth down blow your head off at point blank range with a sawed off shotgun mutilation of the dead high on drugs fucked up immortal I’m god your god can eat shit pure hatred fuck you cutting you from your crotch up removing your fucking guts puncturing vessels severing your breasts and sewing them on myself I fondle them slowly nauseated from the sight of the dead salivating from my mouth butchering bodies exploring pleasures deep within your bowels