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Waking Eyes, The
Waking Eyes, The — If you know why
Waking Eyes, The — If you know why (текст песни)
Breakin’ it lightly across your back and mine. Twistin’ it slowly as we reach for the line. Yes they’re screamin’ it softly now so we can’t hear the way. And it’s never too late never. If we don’t take the time to create. Why don’t you why don’t you come back love? If you know why we walk the broken road. Could you get by if if I would take the load? Pushin’ it through Avoid a situation What’s it to you... Runnin on empty with a long way to go. Nothin’ upsets me but the fact that I know. They’re just hanging it over our heads till the old engine blows. Why do we pretend that the waiting is only frustrating to us? Bring me back love Why don’t you bring me back?