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Yaz — Mr blue
Yaz — Mr blue (текст песни)
winter sounds the crying like an old man slowly dying and the only sound, the wind that fills the trees even colder comes the moon and though it never seems too soon a sudden stillness as the rainfall starts to freeze (chorus) i’m mr blue i’m here to stay with you and no matter what you do when you’re lonely - i’ll be lonely too (repeat) a young girl, she is shaded bears the scars that never faded of the baby that was born on christmas day while the heavens sing their song a child’s life is never long ’cos the food supplies will only last a day (chorus repeat) patriot emotion, is the cause of the commotion after all there’s really no-one here to blame soldiers taking orders, ’cos we must defend the borders of our nation (and the other side’s the same) (chorus repeat) i’ll come to you at night when all the world is sleeping tight